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Impossible is nothing

The launch of 'Impossible is Nothing', celebrates those individuals in sport who refuse to accept the limits set by other.  The campaign is a tribute to all those people who turn up every four years and refuse to accept the limits set by others.  After it began, the company reported that U.S. sales were up 11 percent compared with the same period the previous year.







1 Pass = 1 Day of education.


Every successful pass is turned into funding for better education, harnessing the power of football to support vulnerable children around the world. So far the campaign has created 356285 days of education Every pass in the Europa League equals a day of education for kids around the world. Millions of young people aren't enrolled in secondary schools because of a lack of local resources or funds to continue their education.That's where Western Union's PASS fund comes in. It aims to give the youth of the world a better shot at education, one pass at a time. As the new Global Partner of the UEFA Europa League, Western Union turned every successful pass in this season's competition into funding to support one day's education for young people around the world. The fund aims to reach one million days of school over the next three seasons. Through PASS, Western Union harnessed the power of football to build awareness of the need for greater investment in education around the world. Helping deliver on-the-ground educational support that makes a difference to young people and their communities.





Asics - Made of Sport

"Made of Sport" features everyday athletes and professionals, training at different levels, distances and times, but all sharing the same unwavering passion and commitment to their sport. In six short films, they share what sport means to them and how it has shaped their lives.




WU World of Betters


Western Union needed to do something to lift up their brand, reach out to a new audience across the globe by bringing meaning to their purpose, moving money for better. The answer was a 10 week global PR programme called World of Betters. A competition and series of events to find out what people would do with $1000 to make someone’s day better, giving 100 people the opportunity, through online voting, to make it happen. Using the power of the digital age and in partnership with 5 iconic musicians, we created a series of regional  ‘betters’ events in which Western Union moved money into a local community for that communities benefit. To amplify this, we created a Livestream event around the ‘Betters’, activated local and regional PR media and the artists social media fanbases, both before and after, to create a powerful and wide reaching ACT that captured the imagination on both a local, regional and global level.


After 10 weeks and thousands of betters being uploaded we had 100 winning Betters, millions of hours of footage watched, nearly a billion media impressions and a program that had made a huge difference to the perception of the brand. The nature of the audience that the brand interacted with, begun the ‘lift up’ that was needed to re-asses the relevance and purpose of WU and its role in moving money for better across the globe both as a core business and also as a CSR opportunity.  The nature of the audience that the brand interacted with, begun the 'lift up' that was needed to re-asses the relevance and purpose of WU and its role in moving money for better across the globe both as a core business and also as a CSR opportunity. 2300 betters, 40 countries, 1,200,000 votes.






After three years, researching and perfecting in the lab, ASICS launched the MetaRun Range, the highest tech shoe that the company has ever created.




ASICS - Big World of Running


A horde of ASICS-clad runners converge on a vast all-terrain mountain in ASICS biggest ever brand campaign, “Its a Big World. Go Run It.” Directed by Chris Sargent through Somesuch and conceived by 180 Amsterdam.ASICS brings together every kind of running tribe from all corners of the earth, creating an awesome spectacle of trail, road, endurance and even ice runners coming together like armies. Each runner displays their unique approach as they head towards a mountain constructed of every kind of running terrain.